Raspberry Fluff Jello Salad Recipe

Raspberry Fluff Jello Salad Recipe
This light and cushy raspberry lighten is the jello plate of mixed greens that everybody cherishes! Made with only 6 fixings (counting water), it's the make-ahead sweet that is ideal for summer bbq's and potlucks

Raspberry cushion jello serving of mixed greens is a great summer dessert here in the Midwest, and one that is totally adjustable! As a characteristic make-ahead sweet, it's cool and velvety surface is a most loved for the two children a grown-ups!

8 - 10 servings

Planning Time 5 mins - Cook Time 5 mins - Total Time 10 mins


3 mugs water

3 oz bundle moment vanilla pudding

3 oz bundle moment dessert

3 oz bundle raspberry jello

8 - 12 oz solidified whipped beating, defrosted (cool whip)

1 half quart crisp raspberries, in addition to additional for fixing


1-In a pan, heat water to the point of boiling. Rush in pudding blends and jello. Come back to a bubble, blending always, and bubble for 1 minute. Expel from the warmth, fill a holder, and cool totally.

2-Refrigerate jello blend for a few hours or medium-term. Delicately overlap in cool whip and raspberries, being mindful so as not to blend to energetically. Keep refrigerated until prepared to eat.

3-Top with extra raspberries and serve.