Homemade Indian Fry Bread Recipe

Homemade Indian Fry Bread Recipe

Tasty Homemade Fry Bread – otherwise known as "Navajo Tacos" or "Indian Bread" – a standout amongst the best formulas you'll ever attempt! Cushions of mixture singed until it's somewhat fresh outwardly, however delicate within. Make it sweet or flavorful!

Course Main Course

Cooking Indian

Planning Time 20 minutes

Cook Time 3 minutes

Complete Time 23 minutes

Servings 6

Calories 445 kcal



2 c flour

3/4 tsp salt

3 tsp preparing powder

1 c warm water


2 c pinto beans splashed medium-term

1 lb burger


sharp cream


Steps to Make It


1-Combine dry fixings and include warm water. Blend with your hands until batter shapes. Let sit for 5 minutes.

2-Break off the mixture into golf-ball measured balls (or even a tid greater).

3-Roll mixture into ½-inch thick circles that are around 6 crawls in breadth.

4-Fry each piece in a medium sauce skillet with hot oil (that is around 1-2 inches down). Sear until mixture is brilliant and poofs up, and afterward broil on the opposite side keeping it in the oil. Set on a paper towel to deplete oil.


1-Put absorbed beans slow cooker, spread with water. Cook on low until delicate (for 4-6 hours). 2 hours before beans are done, hurl in 2-3 cuts of slashed bacon. *You realize beans are done when they begin separating. You can likewise utilize beans from the can for a simpler form.

2-In the interim. Concoct 1 lb of burger. When beans are done, hurl in burger.

3-Spread beans over your broil bread and include wanted fixings.