Home Made Pizza : 4 Seasons Recipe

Home Made Pizza : 4 Seasons Recipe
At the point when my young men were little, making pizza was a great method to get to know each other and to get veggies into them.


1 pizza base (GF) OR

1 huge segment pizza batter

200g pizza sauce

additional parmesan, embellish

olive oil, embellish

Beating 1:

1/2 glass mozzarella (or cheddar), torn

1/4 glass cut dark olives

1/4 glass cut red onion

squeeze of italian blended herbs or crisp basil leaves

Beating 2:

1 cut prosciutto, generally torn

1/2 glass cut catch mushrooms

1/4 glass parmesan, ground

sprinkle of olive oil

Beating 3:

1/2 glass mozzarella

2 anchovies, attacked little pieces

2 sun-dried tomatoes, cut meagerly

Beating 4:

1/2 glass crisp basil, torn

1/4 glass diced feta

1 tsp finely ground lemon pizzazz

Steps to Make It

1-Preheat the broiler to 200.

2-Lightly flour a broiler plate or pizza stone. In the case of utilizing pizza bases, pop onto the plate (if utilizing pizza mixture, flour seat, take off and tenderly lay onto plate or stone).

3-Divide the pizza sauce into 4, smear over the base, partition your base into four fragments and spot our fixings on so you get an alternate decision in each quarter.

4-When completed with your fixings, shower with additional olive oil.

5-Bake for around 15 minutes, or until your hull begins to firm and brilliant and your fixings start to bubble.

6-Serve : I like a scoop of new rocket leaves and a little newly ground parmesan cheddar.