Advantages Of Banana For Skin Care

Advantages Of Banana For Skin Care

Bananas are the most delectable natural products accessible in all seasons. Despite the fact that they are named to be weight picking up organic products, they accompany armies of hair, skin and medical advantages. Bananas advance great wellbeing. They contain supplements including vitamins A, B, C and E They likewise contain minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. Banana admission is solid for our body, and also connected on hair and skin is extremely advantageous

Give us a chance to see employments of banana on wellbeing, skin and hair

Medical advantages

Moment Boosting

Banana is named for giving moment vitality. It gives vitality quickly by changing over normal sugars introduce in our body into vitality. Bananas can be taken in breakfast as they give enough vitality to go for the duration of the day

Controls Blood Pressure

Banana which is wealthy in potassium, magnesium and calcium are great at keeping circulatory strain in charge. As indicated by an ongoing report, it is demonstrated that expanded admission of calcium, potassium and magnesium can diminish the levels of pulse

Lessens Cholesterol level

Banana alongside vitamins and minerals, additionally contain fiber in it. Banana contains a dissolvable fiber called Pectin which helps in diminishing levels of cholesterol put away in our body

Advances Renal Health

Bananas are wealthy in potassium; normal utilization will advance standard wellbeing. The International Journal of Cancer expresses that bananas brought with cabbage and root vegetables advance great renal wellbeing

Enhances Brain Power

Banana which is wealthy in Vitamin B helps in enhancing elements of nerves exhibit in the mind subsequently enhances mental ability

Brings down the Risk of Stroke

Banana is wealthy in potassium; customary admission of banana brings down danger of stroke

Reductions the Risk of Cancer

Utilization of bananas diminishes the danger of tumor because of the nearness of cell reinforcements and dietary fiber in it. It for the most part diminishes the danger of inside malignancy

Sound Bones Building

Bananas comprise of Probiotic microscopic organisms which is best known for retaining calcium show in the body. In this manner, they help in building sound and solid bones

Battles with Stomach Ulcers

Banana comprises of couple of substances which animate cells that frame a layer around the stomach. This will help shape thicker defensive bodily fluid layer to ensure against stomach acids. Banana likewise contains a substance called protease which helps in disposing of microscopic organisms in the stomach that produces stomach ulcers

Controls Diarrhea
Bananas which are crude are astringent in nature and are valuable in the treatment of loose bowels. They are likewise utilized in controlling liquid adjust

Skin Benefits of Banana

Regular Moisturizer

Banana is a standout amongst other common lotions. Banana which is wealthy in Vitamin An aides in reestablishing the lost dampness and furthermore helps in repairing the harmed, dull and dry skin


To in a split second saturate your skin, take a banana and apply it all over. Give that a chance to sit all over for 20-25 minutes and after that wash off your face with tepid water. You will locate an extraordinary contrast in little time In the event that your skin is dry, at that point have a go at adding some nectar to the banana arrangement

Sparkling Skin

Banana is wealthy in vitamin C which helps in keeping up sparkling skin


Take a ready banana and blend it with 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder and 1/2 tbsp of nectar. Apply it on your skin and let that sit all over for 20-25 minutes. Presently, wash it off with tepid water

Banana as Skin Scrub

Banana is wealthy in hostile to oxidants which not just aides in disposing of dead skin yet in addition causes it feel restored


Take a large portion of a ready banana, 1 tbsp coconut drain and 2 tbsp uncooked rice. Mix everything into a fine glue and apply it all over. Tenderly back rub your face with this glue and wash with cool water

Against Aging

Banana functions as an against maturing operator. Supplements show in banana helps in shielding our skin from wrinkles and aides in keeping skin energetic

Banana alone is sufficient to anticipate wrinkles all over


Take a banana and rub it tenderly on your whole face. Give that a chance to sit all over for 20-25 minutes and after that wash it off

Decreases the Problem of Puffy Eyes

All you have to do is, simply apply a crushed banana around your puffy eyes. Keep it like that for 15-20 minutes and afterward wash off with water. The puffiness present will vanish completely

Hair Benefits of Banana

Delicate Hair Pack

Blend banana with avocado and add some coconut oil to it. Apply it on your hair and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. This pack goes about as a conditioner to harmed hair and makes hair delicate

Glossy Hair Pack

Take a banana and include 1/4 measure of olive oil and one egg white to it. Blend it well and apply it on your hair Give it a chance to remain for 15 minutes and after that cleanser your hair. That is it. Your hair will end up silkier than prior

Male pattern baldness Pack

Male pattern baldness is a typical issue found in youthful to grown-ups. Along these lines, to treat this we utilize banana with yogurt